Handmade Incense Cones

Handmade | Botanical | Natural

These beautiful incense cones are 100% natural, hand-crafted and hand-rolled with no toxic chemicals, no saltpeter, and no charcoal.

Handmade with intention using herbs & flowers organically grown in my own garden (as much as possible). They are then blended with sustainably sourced CITES approved Wild Australian Sandalwood and Agarwood bases, & finished with organic essential oils. Whatever isn't grown in my garden is sourced as responsibly and locally as possible. Each cone is individually created, blended and rolled by hand in my home just outside of Daylesford, VIC.

All ingredients; herbs, spices, flowers, woods, resins and oils are carefully and intentionally selected for their magical and healing properties before being blended together to create beautiful, natural scents when burned. These aren't hand-dipped or pre-made cones, I use my own unique blends which I have developed and tested over time.

If you sometimes find incense too strong or overpowering, then you will love the pure and gentle scents of these cones.

Why incense?

Since I was a kid, I have always loved incense. For me, the act of burning incense is intentional, magical and powerful; combining the healing properties of Mother Earth's botanicals with the power & vitality of fire to give energy to an intention, or as a way to release, let go and find peace. Incense isn't "set and forget"; it asks for your
attention. Much like the act of playing a vinyl record over a digital file, incense is much more mechanical in nature and requires more effort and action from you than just switching on an electric diffuser and leaving the room. There is a mysticism to it, hypnotic perfumed smoke takes your intentions and transports them to a place we don't quite yet understand.

As within, so without.

I encourage you to use these cones consciously, to go beyond just enjoying a nice thing to smell and to dive a little deeper.
They are little portals to accessing
Your own inner magic.
Your own inner power.
Your own inner voice.

Each cone is an individual and will vary slightly in size, shape and colour.
Burn time: approx 30-35 minutes per cone.

Our cones come packaged in a beautiful amber glass jar, filled with dried organic herbs and flowers that support the energy of the incense blend. These herb and flowers can be burnt as loose incense if you have a charcoal disk.

Detailed burning instructions will be included in your order.

Safety Precautions.

Always ensure that you are using a heatproof dish and never leave burning incense unattended. Please be sure to extinguish fully after use. Please do not ingest and always take precautions when using this product. Please be mindful of what herbs you come into contact with when pregnant. Always seek medical advice if you're unsure.