Care Instructions

General care & lovin'.

Treat your new velvet bag, charm or altar cloth with the utmost care. Keep them well away from liquid (especially coffee and red wine!), and be extra careful if you're burning incense or smudge near them - one little teeeny bit of ash will instantly singe a hole right into the velvet that you won't be able to hide or fix (ask me how I know).

Nooo, I spilt something on my bag!

Treat your velvet like you'd treat an expensive sofa & clean up any spills immediately. Using a dry cloth first, blot as much excess liquid away as you can. Then using a mild laundry detergent (I recommend a wool detergent), make a paste with detergent and water, dip a clean cloth into the mixture and blot at the stain. Do not rub! It's all about blotting and patience. Blot and breathe!

I would not recommend machine or handwashing any of my velvet creations - spot cleaning is the safest way to remove any spills from your bag.

To iron or not to iron?

DO NOT iron the velvet under any circumstances! Ironing velvet will crush the pile and you will lose the beautiful shine and lustre. Luckily, the premium velvet I use isn't prone to creasing you there will be no need to iron. Altar/Tarot Cloths can be ironed with a low setting on the opposite side of the velvet - but please do so with care & only if you absolutely need to!