About me!


Hello, my name is Amber Jane!

I'm an Aquarius sun, Cancer moon, Pisces rising with Venus in my 1st house, and I love using tarot & astrology as a means to express myself creatively & spiritually.

My mum was a witch. She read cards & runes, used crystals for healing & protection, practiced magic & spoke to spirits - so I was exposed to esoteric practices from an early age like they were the most normal things in the world. I remember shuffling my first copy of the Rider Waite deck when I was 12, having no real understanding of it but sensing that it possessed a very strong, very deep power.

After spending most of my youth disconnected from my spirituality (as most of us do), I came back to tarot in 2017 during my Saturn return, and began to remember who I really am. Embracing those long-forgotten magical parts of me was one of the most self-empowering things I have ever done.

But it was only after my mum died suddenly & traumatically in early 2019 that I witnessed the true power of tarot. My guides spoke to me clearly & directly through my cards, leading me through my grief & suffering by offering guidance, hope & love. My readings during that time were like a light I could follow through the darkest night of my soul - a lifeline, a connection to something bigger than myself and my pain, and I could no longer ignore the connection I had with my spiritual team & my cards.

My mum's death changed my life irrevocably in every possible way & put me on my path of spiritual awakening - a path I continue to follow to this day.

Now I use tarot every day to speak to my guides, tap into the energies surrounding me, and to ask for clarity & guidance. My spiritual connection is my greatest source of creative inspiration and I express my magic through many artistic outlets. To me, magic is art and art is magic, and combining the two together is what makes my soul happy.

My handmade tarot pouches, charm bags & altar cloths are ultimately a means to express myself and my passions, and to embrace my Venus in Pisces in the 1st in all her creative, magical glory.