Luxe Velvet Collection

A place to keep your magic.

Luxuriously lush velvet with a thick, plush pile that not only feels divine to run your fingers over, but protects your treasures inside with its thick padding. In keeping with the theme of luxury, each bag is lined with the highest quality delustered satin that features a gorgeous subtle sheen and creates a beautiful finish to the bags. The drawstrings are triple twisted bronze cord that keeps the bags closed tight & your magic safe inside.

I designed my velvet pouches to be used as a supportive tool in your journey by creating a magical & special place to keep your magical & special things; be it a tarot deck, a crystal collection, smudge wands, your go-to essential oils, your favourite jewellery or even things you've foraged from nature.

You are free to choose whichever colour speaks to you, or you can tap into the astrological magic that has been paired with each bag. Much like choosing a crystal, there is no wrong way to go about it as long as it speaks to you in some way.