Tarot Cloths

In keeping with our luxe theme, these cloths have been lovingly handmade with care & magic. Reversible & perfect for travelling with your working deck, your most-loved crystals, your magical oils, herbs & smudges, or any of your treasured items; simply roll them all up in the cloth & tie closed with the removeable golden thread.

These cloths are also a beautiful addition to your altar or magical working area. Intentionally designed with a minimalistic style to allow the colours and textures to speak for themselves. As always, let your intuition guide you when choosing your cloth.

This collection will change & flow with my intuition and some pieces may not be repeated. Colours & designs will come & go depending on where my creativity takes me, so if you love a particular piece, snap it up while it's still here. :)

Measures approx 53cm x 34cm (as these items are handmade, there may be slight variances in sizing).