Charm Bags

Charm bags | Intention bags | Spell bags

These mini velvet charm bags were each created with a specific intention in mind, designed to act as a supportive, comforting & loving item that will help you tap into your desires & manifestations.

Each bag contains resins, powders, dried herbs & flowers as well as pure essential oils that were carefully & intentionally chosen to amplify the energy & magic of your own thoughts, energy & creation. These li'l babies can be used in much the same way as a crystal; carry it around with you in your bag, sleep with it under your pillow, keep it on your altar or hold it while meditating.

With each bag I make, I seal the energy & intention inside for you to tap into when you need it. These bags were designed to be permanently closed; please do not open your charm bag as the energy & intentions are sealed inside. Each Charm is made to order to ensure all the love, focus & intention goes into each one.

A simple golden Sun charm adorns each bag, to represent the vital energy of creation & action.